Sunday, April 19, 2015


They have the advantage, these evil people who run welfare shit hotels crawling with vermon, bed bugs, scabes, roaches, rats and mice. They have the advantage on the mentally ill who have no place to go but these centers of hell. The  mentally ill turned out from closed asylums of the state to the street have no choices, and the evil ones know this.  They are legally robbed of cash and resources by the filthy boarder room houses and drug infested hotels, who threaten them with homelessness if the outragous rent is not paid on time, or late only by a few hours, this is especially evil and hideous in the winter, when tempertures drop to killing low levels and the snow 2 or 3 feet deep.  The social services of most states do nothing to punish, warn or correct this evil , disgusting practice, the planners of hospital closings had no plan, no plan but to dump people like human garbage in hotels that expose children to drugs, pedophiles, and violence, can you imagine being a child in such conditions?  I have seen it first hand, families as well as the mentally ill are raped emotionally and financially by these hell holes. Some would prefer to sleep on a fucking sidewalk rather than endure these violent vicious places, the only alternative is jail, this was an unintended consequence of setting us free from state hospitals only to be enslaved in countyb jails.

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