Wednesday, April 29, 2015


What is the cost of sanity in the world of mental illness? Is it a dropped white blood cell count leading to infection? Is it a dry mouth or drooling of spit in the over active mouth in spit production? Is it the aspiration pnuemonia and choking that comes from this excess saliva? It is all of these things and more depending on the chemicals used to treat insanity, confusion and psychosis, another cost demanding payment for sanity are trembling hands and unwanted mouth and tongue movements, it is also a price paid in the form of nuerology and muscle problems that cause physical pain. However, despite the assholes of Scientology and other antipsychiatry groups, the price is worth it to feel less paranoid, experience less delusion and hallucinations, as is the similar approach to cancer treatment, when extremely painful radiation and poisons that cause you to vomit are standard cancer treatmennt approaches despite the torture of using them, with hair loss, second degree burns and puking, the goal is to live and stay alive beyond mere existence and fully living, psychiatry should not have a seperate set of expectations of suffering due to treatment that is any different from any medical practice.

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