Wednesday, March 4, 2015

TODAY a poem by author Gary Pelow.

 Today  I trembling, violently shaking, I fainted in the snow yesterday, no help was offered or given as I lie not moving, dizzy unable to rise, I struggled in vain to get up, maybe a seizure, maybe not, I was frightened and still am. I tried to push my body up, off me knees to stand up, I only fell farthey and deeper into a snow bank, I fear this world , horrible nihilsm consumes me, no help was offered, think bout that for a moment , I was alone in  crowded road, people were there, yet apparently I was not, out of their minds, even as I fall in lay in snow, mud, rain slush,  I HATE PEOPLE, I really do,  I help when I can, could you not have  stopped to help, or at least call someone, an ambulance, anything? I GUESS NOT, evil cold people indeed, I DESPISE THEM, or some, I try to be upright and moral, they do not, those scoffers of my plight, I march on, determined as spring arises next month, maybe my cold feelings will melt with the ice, we shall see.

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