Monday, March 9, 2015

THE SUN , a poem by author Gary G Pelow.

Almost here is the warmth of the sun, as March brings a time change and the day draws near, spring, meaning comfortable warmth, not the snows of bitterness for awhile, I am moody, nervous, excited, more sun means less antidepressants of artificial origin, instead come the warmth of our beloved sun, whom we quickly take for granted, we have such poor memories in this regard. I will gravitate torwards this welcome light of relief from pain, I will forget the ice that kills for a little while, my schizophrenia will be more tame and less obvious becuse of it, this warmth of March 2015, I write  with trembling hands, not nervous this time, excited. The winter brought ice of death, the ice of falling and broken bones, specifically the rists,  my wrist, broken into three free moving bones, repaired by titanium, permenantly holding it together, as the sun does for my mood, reinforcing the positive, reducing fear, despair and panic, I write my words in a frenzy of joy, about the coming season three weeks away, I am happy for now, content, times are good.

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