Friday, March 6, 2015


Which direction do I go? There is no easy answer, there may not be one at all, and yet  I still have to choose a direction, even if the choice of way is unimportant, because going in no direction is to die, die from boredom and inactivity. You see, no direction means no life, no friends, no career, no house or car, no family ties, if I make a choice to be a plumber, being the plumber is not specificly important, just the action of choice, any job or vocation, brings bizzynes and activity of the mind, heart and soul, making the decision is paramount, the act, not the choice, the alternative is to nothing and watch your life decay into just existing, or not even that, but psychological death. I would rather dig ditches with no purpose, rather than being idle with no purpose. You see me right? That means you have noticed my existence, my relevancy, relevant to you as a friend, coworker and ally, I choose a direction, because, like the rock group Rush sings in TOM SAWYER, by not making a choiice, you still have made a choice, if you do nothing, somebody else will act, and leave you desolate.

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