Friday, March 13, 2015

A poem by Gary G Pelow, poet, author, The coming light.

 The light is coming, coming torwards me, the light of hope, of restored sanity lost years ago in abuse and violence, it was not fair what happened to me, I was just a child, however a new light of healing is coming at me like a welcome long lost friend.  I  see hope, hope in the form of medicine changes for schizophrenia, a new hope in the approaching sun of spring and warm breezes, these things affect me, and you, we have a lot in common, you and me, our emotions rise up and down like waves of sea water, sometimes drastically, sometimes welcomed. I am hoping this will be powerful, this change in chemistry and climate, I grow bored of mental torture, of emptiness, The new season offers hope of this possibilty, reinforced by switching antipsychotic meds, this schizophrenia bores me, robs me of moving and participation in life, hopefully as the snow, wind and cold of Rochester NY, recedes into the backround of awareness, restoring my hope and courage to live,  I am indeed excited, that lone is less boring, less influenced by negative motivation symptoms, we shall see.

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