Saturday, March 28, 2015


I shake in my heart, the fear is strong, violence permeates the world, I do not know what to do, where to  go.  My schizophrenia riddled with fear of attack by imagined and real enemies alike, I seek peace of mind but lose a piece of my mind to panic.   I am at a lost on what to do, will they yell at me today, try to control me as if I were a child?  I am flustered and constipated in action by fear and panic, they think they have a right to intimidate me, to frighten me.  I worry alot these past days, suicide is no option, nor is violence,   I fear the consequenes of both, fear of death and prison and the unknown are inhibitors of crime and suicide, so I just shake with fear in my own loneliness, without others knowing, caring or understanding, this is a cold universe we live in, a world where if you fall down on the ice, no one helps, so I stay down, in dizzied confusion and fear.

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