Thursday, March 26, 2015

A poem by author/poet GARY G PELOW, UNITED

I seek to be united with humanity, I seek to be friends with all, despite all of the racism and hate all humans of every color are guilty of, there is no use in a civilized society for hate, remember when you were told united we stand divided we fall?. All races must unite against the common enemy of lies,lies told and manufactured by all nations , religions and races.   I SEEK TO CURE YOU AND ME OF THIS DISEASE, this disease of hatred and racist fables believed by so many to be true yet ring hollow with evil when examined more closely, by you and me.  This foolishness must not be allowed to survive, this hatred has a twin brother of lies, the lies of religions of every sort that tells  you to believe in fairy tales of fake gods and has you kill for them, these christians , muslims, jews, etc. must be stopped, they drench the world in violence in the name of their god, a god who if was real is unworthy of worship by you and me, hopefully allies in truth and peace.

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