Sunday, March 22, 2015

A poem by author/poet GARY G PELOW, A new ending.

We who are alive seek good beginnings, getting things and events kicked off at a positive note, we seek new friends and learn new study habits in college for the first time, we marry in hope and a positive attitude to keep love alive from begnning to end, we may write a scholarly paper with intense research before hand to make it work and be truthful from the beginning, we raise children, if done correctly, with no abuse or neglect, a bad start for the child in the beginning may cause irreversible mental, spiritual, and physical harm for life, yet I ask, what of new and positive endings, despite bad take offs and launchings of our activities, is it not possible to still end in victory? I think of World War 2, the Soviets, as Hitler's three million man army pours into the USSR, red army troops surrender in huge numbers, many of these died of starvation in german captivity, the future looked bleak to uncle Stalin, he did not even react to Barbarosa, he withdrew into to his own psychotic mind for weeks, yet he gathered himself and marched to a destroyed Berlin, I think bad starts can increase bad endings but does not guarantee bad endings, hope is most useful when logic dictates despair, and warns us to quit, child abuse and neglect need not destroy the victim, indeed many humans have shown resilience in the face of abuse and neglect.

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