Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A poem by author/poet GARY G PELOW, Brain Wash

How do I begin to understand, the minds of corruption and lies in the cult, the cult of L. Ron Hubbard and those of his ilk? They are wolves feeding on insanity and loneliness of the masses, I try to understand why, why do people give time in years and monies in fortune levels to these evil dictators of false religions and faiths?  There is no immediate answer to this question, how do psychopaths and liars control minds through false religions, or are all religions, regardless of the flavor, false religions? It has been my experience that catholicism, judaism and islam are no more legitimate than cults, if there is no GOD, and they know damn well there is no GOD,  ARE NOT ALL FAITHS FAITHS OF DELIBERATE DECEPTION? Does the pope or imans or clerics have anymore credibility than Hubbard, Jones of Guyana or the japanese cult of serin? Is not all faiths are unproven, no evidence whatsoever to support the various fairy tales? I  implore the reader to think, with logic, rationality and calm. The evidence of no GOD is abounding all around us, you and me, yet there is no proof or logic to the scary man in the sky.

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