Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A poem by author, poet GARY G PELOW, DIFFERENCES

What are thee differences between you and me? Are they real, and if so, are they important or relative to anything that concerns our relationship?  So many differences, of race, of sanity levels, of IQ, I seek your peace as well as my own, I am no good to myself if I do not do good for you.  This is not born of the guilt over the white man's burden, just a recognition we are all human and red inside, red the color of life, it abounds inside of each of us but is ignored by us.  Why do we focus on the irrelevant? Is it from fear? Anger? Confusion? Hate?  May be there is no permanent answer to our problem, I can not see an answer among those who hate me for skin color of white, there is no one superior to others, yet our evil hatred continues on this evil base of racism.  Is there a cure for the mental illnesses and twins of black supremacy and wwhite supremacy' or is it not illness of the mind, maybe it is just growing from the evil and callous human race.

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