Friday, March 20, 2015

A poem by author, poet Gary G Pelow, The Crying Game

Annoying and shrill, this is why I do not have children, their annoying crying is like a finger nail on a black board, my stupid room mate and his brat are here, they have been for three days, there is no peace at any place that has screaming children, the age does not matter, they are all distracting and bothersome.  How did he do it, my father, stuck  with ten children, ten snotty noses and stomachs to feed , he even did most of the cooking for this brood of brats. I do not understand the desire to create brats and to raise them, to much trouble if you ask me.  The noise in this environment is not limited to noisy rug rats, my fucking down stairs neighbors are disrupting of the peace with their furniture and door slamming, their screaming and yelling, jesus fucking tap dancing christ, why does my landlord allow such chaos, at four hundred and eighty dollars a month, I deserve some peace and quiet, those down stairs have no more rghts than me, yet the landlord does nothing,  I am powerless with no desire to be homeless, a real fear of many psychotics such as myself, I need stability and privacy, I have neither in this shit hole of an apartment and neighborhood, so I will save up, save a security deposit to move from ths vile location of noise, step by step ,I will deliver myself to a more sane place of living, I never give up on anything, I will be victoriuos.

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