Saturday, March 14, 2015

A poem by author Gary G Pelow, Problems

Everyone has problems so they say, yours no more important theirs, this creates anger, this dismissiveness of a persons troubles, mine no more important than yours but not less either.  I do not understand the coldness of some human beings and dismissiive cruelty, I say all problems are important equally, blacks no less than whites, whites no less than blacks, a spirit of cooperation can grow from equal importance, you see, this country must grow in to maturity, beyond selfish interests of all races, a black mans problems are mine, mine are his, together they are a powerful ally for each other. Do you not understand? The USA  can not afford the childish immaturity of hate, we will grow up and beyond this racist mess, I urge you all to listen america, the future of humaanity is the future of all races, working together we can cure the evil of hatred in movements like the ku klux clan and the New Black Panther Party and their evil psychosis of hate, or perhaps more psychopathic than psychotic this hate, mental illness is no excuse for racially threats of violence from blacks or whites. Ironic is it not that Rodney King was right all along, getting along will never mean a system of perfections, but eternal and continueing improvement in love and hate can makes us all more noble creatures, as the Buddhists would say, let us hope for each other, not just ourselves

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