Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A poem by author and poet Gary G Pelow, DESPICABLE.

They are despicable, they threatan and insult me, vile, nasty strangers at the store, I did nothing to deserve ther scorn and threats. I push on amiss rage, fear and insomnia, shaking violently with anger and fear, my schizophrenia is pronounced today, more obvious than usual. I  just want peace and friends, I have neither. I DO NOT become violent, or suicidal over these tortures, these strangers I do not know ridicule , threaten and insult me, I rage inside and am lost in fear, anxiety , worry and hate. FUCK THEM, how dare they, trying to coral, hunt, bother and kill me, they will not succeed, these evil, vile hated enemes.  I write for you all, and to maintain my sanity and increase my inner strength, it is still there, buried deep below the hate, anger,rage and anxiety of my schizophrenia, I do not know the future, will I live or die? I hope for another 20 to 30 years of life left, no guarantees though, life is cruel that way, the karma of it all causes me intense torture and pain, may I learn from the dharma, my all sentient beings be free of vile hate, given or recieved.

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