Monday, February 2, 2015

storm a poem by gary pelow

i do not see anything ahead, not 2 feet, snow, confusion everywhere, walking, faintinf, falling into ice, gripping fear, hyperventilation, mental confusion, aafraid of death in a blizzard, panic sets in, do not know what to do, going back is futile  in nature, pressing forward is life threatening, i push on, to avoid boredom and pain, i am frightened by the white out, no one wants  to die like this, alone in the cold, two feet of snow, fallingg down the stairs, also frightening, i m suppose to be dead, yet i live, i survive, no choice but to live until natural death, i can not alllo the enemies to win , real and imaginned, looking over the shoulder in panic, frustrating, moving places of residence, i am  angry, no et service,  i come to this fucking library to write, i haave no choice, the evil room mates, michellle and mike, two selfish children, made this confusion, i wish anger revenge and rage, but i can not break the laaw, i will not, i will contact the isp, i will be joyfully reconnnected to the eb, i will remaster this problem, i will be vitorious, i must work, write, succeed, even when all seems lost in the mental bliizzard, i push on, wish me luck

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