Tuesday, February 17, 2015

poem by gary pelow, to exist

To exist is not to live, being functional is not a worthy goal of the human spirit, but to live, differences between the two abound, one is boredom, the other a state of enthusiasm, enthusiastic of family, friends and lovers, everything has meaning, with or without god, the problem of human suffering is real and present with or with out god and gods, or satan for that matter, it is our duty to decrease it and increase happiness for all that we encounter, to live in a mental auchswitz is to watch the soul die, our purgatorys are our own, his from the wisdom of the buddha, who did not claim godhood, but was a teacher, the teacher of all consuming compassion, that is the essential differance between exist or live, we may not ignore the pain of any entity, physical or of spirit, however a teacher is of no use to diciples of they actively choose the evil of ignorance andd cruelty, the dahli lama has said, you are master of yourself, so do not blame others, your sadness comes and goes with your choices in life, do not overlook responsibility, yours that is, do not cry when you have health and friends, there is little else of note or import.

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