Monday, February 23, 2015

infected a poem by Gary Pelow

The itching, red, swollen, the biting, micro monsters eating me aive, I am disgusted, these things inside of me, I am a meal for them, my micro enemies, moving again is to blame for the swelling and rash, I fight it with chemical eapons on the skin, rub it all in, do not scratch, I seek a permanent end to the creatures inside of me, living in me like I am  suburban home for mites, whole fmilies re creatiing havoc on my skin, it may not be be life threatning, but it does rob the soul of the afflicted, embarrassed to admit or show it to doctors, I hate these enemies whole heartedly, this winter curse drives me insane and to distraction, how small and yet powerful they are, puttinng my life on hold, distracting me from important events and people, family and friends are kept to arms length, for mutual protection from the quiet ones, the small ones, pesticides work, but can be used only sparingly' for the nerves can be poisoned, yet , in a way, my epidermise is already poisoned, poisoned by biological enemies who disrupt my life process, I seeth with anger all of the time now, so I will go side by side to my allies and wait.

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