Friday, February 6, 2015

confusion a poem by gary pelow

i am afraid, unsure of what to do, disapproval of others frightens me, cant you  do anything rght, wwhat is your fucking problem, get your head  out  of your ass, everyone agrees, i am loser of the first order, at least that  is what ikt feeels likei seek to self soothe, only part effective, my thought are3 racing, who will be the winner, them orr me, i do not know, can i predict the future, can you,m  moving from placev to plac'e, no stable home, just unstable landlords, time is killing me, anger grows with each passing second of time, yet i can not act on it, prison  would be counterproductive, i must remain free, alonne if need be, i look and fiind only terror as i look inside my soul, a soul dark and terrorized for fifty ye[a[rs, fiftey years of hatred rev'enge retaliation, there will be peace, the nonexistent jesus said so, he has never helped me, therefore i do not worship him, he deserves it not, no fake god does, i try to sell my ideas, no one bites as i write this with tre'mbling hands,b we shall wait and see

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