Tuesday, February 10, 2015

caught by death apoem from gary pelow

i see no more than you, and understand even less this thing fear, like being trapped in a lions mouth, caught in the moment, ruled by fear, afraid, common to psychosispeople follow me, in public, planning my harm and harrasment,why do they care about  what i do? they follow me as i talk in peace, why cant they just go away, they follo to intimidate, to scare me, make me feeled crowded, i see nothing to justify this harrasment, i stay quiet, hope to make this pass, i will weather it, wait it out to death, it may pass, or not, this evil, these plotters  of my death, they seek to make me an invalid of fear and delusion, they stand close by as a veiled unspoken threat and warningare they aliive or dead these people staring me down to cowardice and shame, to pointless guilt for imagined crimes, i drag myself through the fear and pain, of fear, i am alone and surrounded, do they still follow evil, will i ever win, seems liike no i will not beat them, is my real enemy me?i think about and blame others, howeverthey are not innocent, these plotters against me,  i hate them all, those who follow to inflame psychosis fear panic, i run from town to town, seeking refuge from myself and i have no where to live and grow in peace, unharmed, they have no right or reason for them to harm me, yet i have no rights in their ridicule and shaming me, i am so struck by fear and hatred from others, who have no right or reason, here i repeat myself, listen carefully to me going insane,are they ghosts of the dead, spectres, or hallucination, i seek the  truth and find lies from them, those doers of evil, do i define evil, do i have the authority of websters dictionary, or am i a psychotic  dreamer, we will wait and see

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