Saturday, February 21, 2015

a poem by Gary Pelow' fear and rage

I shake in fear, tremble in pain, they yelled at me, I am enraged, yet fear abounds, I seek solace, yet find punishment, always punishment, never a reward, I hate these FUCKING room mates of mine, they judge me? I wish they would fucking die, leave me in peace you fucking scrubs, how dare they frighten and threaten me? I have feelings, rights, these fucking thugs and bullys, i rage inside wth pain , anger, fear, revenge is not legal nor conducive to me and plans, it will not occur, how I wish I could retaliate, these fucking gutter thugs, judging me, swearing an screaming at me, fucking animals, poetic justice is neede here, kharma shoul repay them, for I can not,  I am shaking still, they had no right, in their fucking perfectionism, fuck them I say, no one helps, they do not care, my paranoia burns me live, a gun shot today in the neighborhood I live in, the police investigate these matters, I heard but saw nothing, my fear tells me it was meant for me, yet I have no evidence for this, god how i wish i commit suicide, I will not though, my world of fear stops me.

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