Sunday, February 15, 2015

a poem by gary pelow death can wait

logic, that is the key, the key to avoid causig your own death, by accident or on purpose, to die in such a manner is to surrender to your enemies, the kind that tell people to jump, fuck that, i will not cowtow to death just to end up making my enemies happy, what enemies you ask, real or imagined, it has been said better mad than sad, you see anger can motivate, while flat depression and anxiety cripple your will, anger is not evil in and of itself, it can drive you to jog, quit smoking, eat better, avoid excessive boozing, its important to channel emotion than igore it, if i am angry, a brisk walk in the chilly adirondacks does wonders of peace, calming not just anxiety, but reigning in psychosis and stopping so called negative symptoms, the experience in me is negative, that is severe inactivity', can be cured with a dose of anger, to motivate excercise for example, anger is energy, sadness and lethargy rob energy, better mad than sad, can not say it enough times, there is no need of revenge in anger, just victory over death, hatred and confusion, the best revenge is,as some have said, is to live joyfuly in the prescence of detractors

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