Monday, January 12, 2015

snow a poem by gary pelow

cold snow covering the soul' no snow blower for that, such emptiness not easily removed, as the white poison of the soul builds up, there is no easy escape, no sun just around the corner, just cold rain and bitter white cold, there is an irony in the fact that snow smothers and its color suppose to be white, the color of supposed happiness is the white color of emotional chains, is  a dark emotional color any  better, i do not know, sometimes i think black gets a bad rap, much good comes from black, sometimes a black cat is better than a white one, actually i give color of moods to much credit, color is an unthinking natural attribute with no meaning beyond its appearance, likewise skin color is given too much attentionn, it would be a refreshing experience for people not to notice skin color, to pay more attention to the soul would be a new world of common sense, we can believe what ever you want, i believe  in justice and caring, two attributes of the wise, cetainly not seen or done by haters , i wonder if man will survive his own predatory actions, there is no importance to race, just the miind and soul,

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