Wednesday, January 28, 2015

poem of fear by gary pelow

fearful, scared, alone, unable to comprehend their lack of reponse, calling everyday, no pick up, why? have i done something wrong, i do not know or see this ugly lonely experience, i just want to live in peace, there is no peace outside on the cold winter day, will i be homeless or not, to terrifying to comprehend, the street maybe my fate and destiney, but i will fight it non the less, i look out, i see the white that dominates the ground and this scary world, i will physically present myself as an intruder if need be, i wish no trouble, i only want to live quieter than mike michelle allow, those two, my fucking room mates, they are walking personality disorders, anti social, selfish, concetrated on the selves, the me not you come first, i want an answer, i paid good money for an answer,, yet it is like i do not exist in there sight, i will go in person, i will seek the truth over these scary facts and scary times, i hope i have no secrets revealed to them, to stopp because i have the juice for insanity, for hate, i know nothing right here now, trembling and afraid, shakes so bad i burn from hot coffee, motherfuckers, why will they not answer, patience is not endless, i have onlly so much to wait through this dilema, my bach hurts, lousy posture as i type this, carpal tunnel would not be welcome here this day, ii digress, i am confused ith fear i do not know, not knowing is hell, i just want a quiet home with no romantic spats from room mates, one day at a time

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