Friday, January 9, 2015

poem by gary pelow

cancer of the soul invades me today, i have no patience, alone in this brutal january, my suspitions are burning bright, i feel hated by all, cant seem to please anyone, anticipate punishment by all i meet or see, why do they stare., they do not know me, nor i them, why am i observed so certainly i am not that interesting, yet they do stare, accusing hateful from all around me, i vomit up fear and anger, my soul has a headache, no meds for that, no happy pills this time, i seek only peace,. not violence,. i seek justice and fairness and find only confusion, my hands tremble with fear i do not know what to do, fear thicker than blood, deep from the psychosis, i will wait it out, victory is still possible because i breath.

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