Tuesday, January 20, 2015

nerve racking a poem by gary pelow

how could this hapen again,, almost homeless, fear as a motivator works but is painful, facing the prospect of living on the streets frightens  me,  was  not granted any sleep for 2 weeks, room mates are fucking stupid, irresonseable, they will not renew there lease and i am out cold, they have no shame or morals, traveling on foot on a new york januuary to find a new spot to hibernate' to write again, i did miss the feeling for one week, pain and fear driving me on, at first was not sure where, my hands are shaking, i stutter as i speak, how do the homeless do it, survive in 10 degree winter freeze, or why would they want to live in that, they have more pain and courage then me, i seek to write these things of pain  and fear entering the mind and soul with a spear, i seek to take pain, to take dokka, and fight it,i seem to be alive and lets hope it stays that way, yet there is anger there, boiling my gray matter like an egg, the gall of those, remarkable and cruel seems to me an apt thought, i will let iy ride, no need for for retribution, time to show adult maturity, therefore no jails, prisons inn my future, just the prison of anxiety and fear

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