Tuesday, January 13, 2015

gos a poem by gary pelow

what is god, a mirage a ghost, who haunts the universe, or a man in flesh, it may not matter,if  god is real, in monotheism form, he is a petty cruel  lord, unwortthy of praise or or worship, i asked for his help aand love, and received from him a cup of urine to drink, you see god, the personal one of christ, his father gives emptiness, i think he thrives on death and pain,  even on the cross, what kind of father creates and kills his children, i see in heavan god the dictator, spiriitual hitler, klling ansd toorturing hebrews and man and woman,, why give love to that tyrant, who murdered his son, it seems to me it is better to love lucifer, not that tin god of judea, wait you sayy, take that back or go to hell, which proves my point, he slauhtered jesus hebres his children, read it  for yourself, iits his on words' straight from heaven and hell, i spit on hm  as he d unto me, evil gods are worse than nonexstent gods

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