Thursday, January 22, 2015

betrayal a poem by garry pelow

betrayal'old and common'it has happened again' my landlords' /decieivers at the top of power dishonesty in the form of unspoken realities' negative suprise causing pain, sucker punched, leaving mental scar of distrust' how to trust anyone' not an easy goal to obtan.' when the truth is hidden' wrong decisions are made'by dishonesty they do this' i do not under stand, i paid on time' every month' no hesitation' but now they threatan law suits for their dishonesty' yet i am the one held to account through false accussations', the mental and spiritual torment they have caused' how dare they be so bold' this seems foreign to me' yet is  it' i have no clue or evidence for this betrayal by them' they who are masters of drugs theft and screaming anger, this are my room mates' these falsifiers will be challeged' i will fight their dishonesty by law' i will not be meek any longer' they have counted on that' however i respond with assertion and proof of steadfastness' there are many influences and mind problems that bringf me to this torture and situation'i do not recall any deception on my art' i will always remember theirs.

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