Sunday, January 25, 2015

a poem by gary pelow

the time of change draws near' my hands tremble with anticipation' a new world, or maybe an old one revisited, not a simple manner to discern, so i write out my confusion, hoping in this dark winter place i will thrive and will not languish, languish in solitude or boredom, enough boredom, i want more, is it my birth right to not kknow pain and failure, or do i think to highly of myself, after all psychosis can lead to ideas of sel grandeur and importancce beyond what is real, i wish someetimes, my  writing was writing of song, but alas i am tone deaf, so i wish to thrive so i can write, to share with you all this experience of psychosis bi suffer from, psychosis not easily defined however it is not like  sybil and her multiples, no that is quite different, a massive hoax in psychiatry, but any way i present to you the reader some of my pain, we all experience pain, i do not say mine is more than yours, but we are all unique in our pain,. type does meen quantity, but i have digressed, i have to move in a few days and hours, i am tired running from dwelling to dwelling, such rapid change brings more confusion to the supper table of psychosis, i feeel exhausted, no rest today though, only rushing and fleeing imaginary enemies, yet as they say, i may be my own worst enemy in these confines of insanity, being solo is tedious and not interesting, but they do say ownly boring people are bored, so what i actually seek i do not know, i may know when i find it or not.

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