Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a poem by Gary pelow

There is no magic, no love, from fake gods to fake profits ortrurophets, superstition must die, of monotheism or any god ism, when you admit you do not know, than you will receive was wisdom, a wisdom of the Ruth and perfect imperfection,say goodbye to gliarp seeks your damnation, why would I honor a slave master, there is no reason to listen to you prophets of profit, go away I say, do nottallatize to me, i asked you not, leave in peace, leave me to the ha
Piness of logic, of thought,of science, take away the fake saviors from my sitht, i am saved by dawkins, who led me to truth, the truth alo prophets lies, science does not, two plus two is surely four, yet you say ten, you are  liarprose

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