Monday, January 26, 2015

a poem by author gary pelow

i shake, i tremble, outside and in, nauseated, sick to my stomach from fear and anxiety, came close today to vomiting in public, but i held it down, anxiety so bad to cause physical symptoms, not a good thing, somehow i go on, i stay alive, death solves nothing, being an atheist, i do fear the possibility of non existence, silly child like fear, i have reached the point of atheism because i see nothing but human pain, seven billion heart aches, in that i am never alone, pain, suffering, fear, i tremble still, even as i type, yet i have things to  say, important thingss, personal things, if i can, i write to the psychotic, my brothers and sisters in purgatory, maybe i lesson some pain with my psychosis details and story, so i obssesively write, or type, not many people use the art of a pen or pencil anymore, things lost to us forever, kids using keyboards at age 5 or six, things are rushing ahead, i have vertigo from the intensity of the ride, stand to quickly i fall or faint,literally i did three weeks ago , outside, in the snow, no one helped no one cared about this stranger lying prostrated on the sidewalk, should be no surprise though, humans cold as the ice under my head on the sidewalk i dropped onto, but i live.

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