Thursday, December 4, 2014

pain a poem by gary pelow

yelling, screaming grabbing, so many mistakes, confusion of direction, humiliation and shame, useless painful emotions, walking into wrong entrance, almost go to jail, security guards, stupid cashier, false accusations, time to do a psych update, pete will know how it went down, abruptly and fast confused, walmart rage, how to control my rage and screamings of obscenities, however, i am a man , not an animal, i have rights, making mistakes s my rage  pushes me to obscenity, false accusations, public humiliation, what is the point? i want to quit, but alas feelings are not facts, nor emotions,i will keep pushing, hard, slow , fast, ignore the pain, stay on schedule, anger , anxiety, public humiliation are are poorly motivated, a whirl wind of rage, screaming silently into insanity, delusions , hallucinations, these are scary, but do not show reality,i am calmer now, writing is healing the wounds of embarrassment.

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