Wednesday, December 3, 2014

fraud a poem by gary pelow

mother theresa, not her real name, she is not named theresa, but agnes, not a saint, a criminal, who was obsessed to make others suffer, it is myth she is saintly, millions have been duped, this evil woman, she provided no beds, just mats on a floor, to die in pain, and the dying receive no help for pain from this fraud, this fake saint, corruption, reenforces corruption, the pope and his lies, supports the agnes myth,and the lies of agnes reinforce corruption in the holy see, not really holy at all, fake destructive, why give money to the sisters of mercy, they rob money, use it for churches, not for the sick and suffering, but used to oppose abortion or birth control, the churches agenda came first, with agnes, not the  poor, corrupt money from keating and criminals, agnes did not care about its source, just the amount given, donated by crooks of evil, mother theresa, now a dead lying criminal, her sisters continue to carry on the lies.

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