Wednesday, December 10, 2014

equalizer a poem by gary pelow

you claim power, you claim influence, you claim authority over others, you rule in the government, you excercise influence in the lives of millions, money to be made,influence to peddle, power to be sold, the  highest bidder has your ear, and your vote, koch brothers and others, who destroy democracy, sell it out for the dictator of cash and credit, it seems to yourself seem to have much power, even deciding life and death, but you recently feel fatiuge, you feel pain, in the head maybe, or lungs or brain, whichever it turns out to be, your medical pro runs tests, does lab work, takes x-rays, blood pressure not normal, a sore that will not heal, pain shooting through your body, you miss more and more work, your health does not feel right, why can not your money help? what is wrong? the doctor sees you in person and says the word, the ironic word that has all real power, sarcoma, cancer, inoperable, prognosis zero, no future and a greedy past, poetic justice, from the heavens,

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