Sunday, December 7, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

christ mass approaching,  but why, how come this is important? a homeless preacher dies onj a cross, with no real evidence of importance or divinity, i reached for the carpenter once, the cosmic reply was fuck off, people ask why you do not have more faith? faith? in a schizophrenic man living in abject poverty? ideas like that make me vomit up blood with disgust, the real world awaits you and me, certainly not jesus christ or unicorns, that angry petty man who invisibley lives in the sky as a sorcerer has no need of me, or i of him, childish fairy tales, music is produced as hynm for this fake carpenter, i do not think that you christians understands at all my distaste for your non ressurected savior how does god help the mentally ill, or children with cancer, or rape victims or murder victims? he does not do, world war one world war 2 and the GOD if real laughs at our pain he created, love is not god because god is hate, hate of his fake creation, yet, it is no matter, this speculation of fantasy gods, angels and demons, i tremble with rage at the wasted years given to this bastard child, and other gods of other people are not any better, zeus is jesus is allah is jehovah, all fake in common, fath has never healed anyone, but science has, time to live , time not to waste, phony catholics, christians jews and muslims are irrelevant.

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