Saturday, December 6, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

scared, frightened, alone, like a cub away from the lioness, seperated from humanity because of emotional insanity, struggling  for acceptance in a world that does not care, unless one is talking about ones self  and your own interests, greed., money hungry,hedonistic, this is modern religion, worship of the self above all, be your own god, why not? yet ironically there is no GOD, no such thing as sin, why would any god be worshiped that destroys life he reportedly created, seems to me hateful being, if he exists, is unworthy of my worship, love and loyalty, atheism and science must win the day, these to do not care about your bed room practices, like the fake god supposedly does, why would he care about sex when he is guilty of the crime of creation, which leads to suffering, to pain, to torture, to death, time to find real moral courage through logic, through fairness, through relieving the pain of another sentient being, gods not wanted or needed, if humans adopt logic and reason, and the discipline of common sense, we can achieve so much, invent so many things, this fake monotheistic dictator makes no sense, its probably not even there in the fake kingdom of the fake sky god, jesus a sorcerer, a mystic, mentally ill perhaps/? being nailed to a cross to please a psychotic deity? no, i will not fall for or be sold on spiritual slavery for a fake magician in the sky.

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