Saturday, December 27, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

so violent the emotion of yesterday, grudges held, people unforgiven,, frustration explodes outward, nothing physical, hut mental pain alone, it is not needed that a person be tortured, sick with fear, not knowing what to do, which action is best, alone in the  dark room, justice will never be delivered, those who have abused, go scott free, not held for even one night in jail or prison. yet i cannot be a vigilante , to much pain and freedom at stake, we can not allow the spectres of the past rule this day, instead we must be patient, hoping for karma, what comes around goes around, i will let the universe to mete out the just punishment for their crimes, anger, rage. obscenity, frustration, my permanent companion, i carry strong desires in side my soul, i am waiting fr the dharma show me what to do, what would be the noble act to be, forgive? no, yet all things pass away and so also the pain of a cowardly family, i certainly am not seeking retaliation, the buddha is my guide in pain, he is not god but a hero of the human spirit, learning compassion and being a noble being, nothing is easy in this cold december, nothing ethically clear, morality is in the opinion of a man, that alters and changes to be individualized, seperate individuals, the group more than the one person in this huge society of drugs and prozac, the new meds will make me ,  will make me happy, more important than the mass,    i go slow through the confusion, seeking to record the journey, to make it official, insanity awaits, and when it comes i will be ready, ready for peace and calm, you see i am my own master as are you, do not blame god or satan, you chose the action you took, you knew it all along, and so seek sleep and peace and to forgive not othrers

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