Friday, December 26, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

Running rough shad over your rights,permission from the government to the doctors torment of patients of asylums, asylum, there is no asylum from schizophrenia  there is no asylum with god, he is not real, angry and bored, typing furiously, to achieve success, to achieve recognition, is the goal and worker of me the writer, christmas come and  gone, alone, no gifts, people wish to punish me for living independently, who has authority over my life but me?  what would another person do to steal that  right? alone in schizophrenia, alone and feel hated, feeling are not facts, nor anxiety nor depression, dr. chalapali, a shrink of terrible violence and abuse, she calmly tells me to get beat up, her security forced, her guards, they do the bidding of the asylum masters, justice not found except through death, life will go on, no interference from me, i seek no  revenge, i do not retaliate, that is the action of an infant, a child off 2 tears, adults we or i must be, or the asylum masters will seek there own revenge upon the inmates, the asylum is not just a building, but a nation is now the insane asylum, the whole population labeled, categorized, put into a pidgeon \n hole, the heart beats fast from schizophrenic rage, yet no violence to come, i am too old to tired to exhausted to play a role, i go one through boring lists and schedules of the day to call it and me as normal, normal fucking scheduled boredom and fear, who can take such mental pain, a schedule does not have me in love or richess just scheduled banality and misery,

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