Tuesday, December 23, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

read all about it, my madness, scary to you more so to me, i offer no violence, only loneliness, i seek to be known, more than 15 minutes,, i deserve  more than 15, i am on the verge off poetic nobility, writing from the heart and from the voices, i seek only peace, i seek, all the time, even in my nightmares, i seek  justice for wrongs  to be made right, not with this crowd i use to call family, i call them today as toxic, a poison to my soul, i am very enlightened tonight, do not know why, i simply write, cathartic experience, releasing and revisiting nightmares of the past, night terrors, seizures in my sleep, muscles jerk, lose control, writing on this key board is fucking annoying, i do not expect any one to understand this man, yes  i said man not boy, i am walking tall, with anger and new buddhist  confidence, i seek to breathe correctly, i only get side charlie horses and side pain, so sick of the voices, sick of the loneliness, alone today and christmas, no surprise there, did i make that happen, buddha says we are our own masters, take responsability, for all actions and attitudes  that break forth with violent energy, i seek to be known, to be worshiped, i am sylvia plath, i am ernest, hemingway, a man for all  adventures and excitement, i seek to sit with the greats of pen and keyboard, i can do this, in english or spanish my poems are about you, the everyday person, the average one, normal is not bad or boring, just consistent with my history, i will seek success and a new place and way to live, i seek justice, i seek apologys
, but my brothers and sisters will not bend, making excuses for my abuse, tied to a basement pipe in dads basement, hit in the head and stomach, i will seek tibetan peace serenity., hard to give up anger, yet revenge is not happening, so bring justice to my world by exposing the past and living once again,

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