Saturday, December 20, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

behind me, is someone there? who are you? why follow me like this, have i offended some how? i am terrified, afraid, please leave me alone, i know you not, a black man with a phone, guy with a phone follows me and awaits for me, you not, what gives you the right to stalk, will you kill me? or  is the goal to let the mental pain persist? i go to rite aide, a black man follows me in and stands in the front of the store, looking right at me like a wolf stalks a four footed dinner, staring right at me, reporting to my enemies on the phone, i know not to who they answer to, but surely someone wants to kill me, itry to stay busy, ignore the fearful enemies that are bold to come next to me,to intimidate me, to make me sweat to dehydration from terror, the terror of my existence, some one always there, yet no immediate violence or attack on my person in over three years of caffeine induced psychosis, paranoia comes hard and holds like a pit bull, wrenching at my sanity, if i say something they will deny, and terrorize some more, what is it about? my looks or speech ? so many fears, so many hallucinations, violent gang members every where, to report to the unknown nemesis of my psychosis, conspiring to shoot stab or kill me, why? what have i done? i go day today, shaking with violent tremors, people see and mock me, i will not go down, i must maintain, every thing, friends, lovers, doctors, shrinks allied forces to destroy paranoia, we will see.

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