Sunday, December 14, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

the physicist looks for the mystery of dark matter and dark energy, but what to do about grey matter, psychotic brain shrinkage, neurons disconnected, dopamine, have too much, what is to be done for the sick in mind, tissue shrinks, psychosis breaks, and we are off to the races, where that is no known end game and the horse dies in a race it can not win, not by itself, what is a greater mystery , the universe and its law, or the human brain, the grey matter, whos job is harder, albert einstein, or the psychiatrist,, neurology, break down, parkinsons, alzheimers, the list of complicated neuron problems is long and is a mystery for the ages, brain shrinks, as does the world, the truth is indeed out there, waiting silently discovered, what would you rather have from science, knowledge of matter and energy, or a biologically based brain breakdowns and yet a cure, 3 trillion synapses, more than stars in the milky way or andromeda. i say look deep inside, find the cure, the planet mars can wait, while i tolerate voices and fake sightings,what would you want, if you were me?

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