Friday, December 5, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

what difference does it make, these jobs we do, there is no God, this is true, however to believe life as meaningless with out god is an existential cop out, if there is no God, and there is not, the lives of all terrans have value and joy and pain, God is not needed, if a person is cut, does he not bleed with or with out god, if no God is real, humans still have and can cause and both cure great suffering in others existence, to love, to be serene, to be at peace, these are still human choices, we and others feel pain, and can cure it, to drag in fairy tales of God , gods or angels or demons, is childish and useless fables suited more to a two year  old than adults, why fantasize over unreal spirit lives upon death, better to live this life than to end it for a  fake heaven, come children, time is here, so are you, act like today is the last, drop the childish ghost stories of gods, live, live, live, yes there is apin, proof of either a sadistic God, or none at all, religions, they have yet to explain suffering being allowed by their evil  god, if he is up there, he is unworthy o worship, fuck that i say be alive today

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