Monday, December 8, 2014

a poem by gary pelow open letter to stupidity

new black panther party, ku klux klan, chistian identity movement, race seperatists, they seek converts, these evil people, the supremacists, the seperatists, a moral society must tolerate stupidity in order to remain free, but i say with gleee, the evil ones of race will rant hate and dissolve into the trash of history, why do you white or black man give a fuck about who i fuck, at least i fuck women, you fuck society with your evil hate, race does not mean species, actually it means almost nothing of import, i.q, sanity, love, calmness, these are important not the hue of ones skin, we must unite , us so called race traitors, yet the real betrayers where white sheets of cowardice, farrakhan fuck heads, and the lies, white, black we need each other, together we defeat emotional terrorism

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