Monday, December 1, 2014

a poem by gary o

drugged to heavily, tired, dizzy, vertigo, a boring mess, trapped in addiction, even with over the counter meds, hands are shaking , intention tremor huge, must continue to write , a needed avocation, passing the time, it goes slower with drugs, can i complete the task that is before me? spell check not occuring, body shaking, tardive dyskinisea, having a difficult time to move ahead, what is the solution? hard to say  really, drugs motivation of fear, of being scared, extremely painful  taking it in stride, chemicals not permanent, i will wear it off soon tonight, i will be rock steady, or i can hope, nothing done today by me will be lasting forever, dipenhydromine , nasty when there is a lot in the blood, the brain is a chemical soup nicotine, benadryl, cigarette tar, 5000 other chemicals swimming around, caffeine as well, not harmless as thought,going to piss every fucking 2 minutes, this torture of the night, enemy of sleep, increasing the tremors, sudden seizure of anxiety, can not fall asleep and drop in the pit, one day at time.

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