Sunday, November 30, 2014

anger flares a poem by gary pelow

you are late again, what is your problem, this my job, i can not miss or be late to, you must rush before i lose, fear drives the heart to action, motivation with fear, motivation by anxiety, unpleasant indeed, can not be fired, can not afford that, you have my car, i must go to employment, this i have no choice, new responsibility as boss, as leader, somewhat frightening, chaos among the boxes at home, stuff sent to the home address, not the store, crowded, confused, angry, livid, i feel,  the customers need me to serve, and do so promptly, can you not see that, what is wrong with you after all, after all the car is mine, in my name, used with my cash, not yours, be considerate of my plight, be cooperative, we are suppose to be a team, not in a private war.

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