Sunday, November 30, 2014

a poem on scientology by gary pelow

david miscavige, xenu , the crazy one, why do they follow why do tthey harrass?is it money, iist it fame, mentally ill and fighting the cult, lisa was killed by scientologhy, why do these hubbard criminals get away with murder as a religion, many have left, a few have stayed on, the cult money is drying up, tom cruise can not save them, besides he stays stuck in that south park closet, set your victims freer, take your fake cross and go to hell, brainwashed, and poorer because of the cult, i call on rank and file to do class action against the fake religion or mental and physical  abuse over the years, members , go to the police if you must, be escorted to freedom as you leave, consult with the police, but not in clearwater, they own that town and police,  why did the irs cave to grant recognition? this sham must end, the church is rotten to its core, why would anyone stay, embarrassed by 30 years of fleecing perhaps? to ashamed to admit being duped, no matter you will be free.

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