Saturday, November 29, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

why is chemical coping so bad, would you have me suffer because of your distaste for psychiatric drugs, i am not obligated to suffer for you or anyone else, i have a heart, i care for others, but i aLSO CARE FOR MYSELF AND MIND HEALTH, prozac, wellbutin, electroconvulsive therapy, zyprexa, you oppose, but what gives you the right to stop my mind sanity and recovery, who are you after all, you know me not, the medicines of the mind are preferable to death isolation jail homelessness, tell me something back seat driver, monday morning quarterback, is my zyprexa more or less dangerous than your beer, does liquor help you live and drive better or no? i think the hypocracy of drinkers and smokers is plain to see, glass houses my old friend, glass house,

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