Saturday, November 29, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

cold hot or warm, depression lingers, compounded by psychosis, alone, not knowing what to do, feeling terrified, alone , not busy, time extends into one direction of emptiness, shelly and mike try the patience indeed, young inexperienced, savage memories of war and drugs, they have a difficult time together, but would be worse if not with each other, outside the snow has stopped, it is not falling right now, but neither is the grounded snow melted, alone i am here, to much loose time available to me, so i try my hand at blog and poem, to hope that talent in 3rd grade is still there and sleeping to be awakened again, nervous jumpy, i feel post trauma after child abuse, worsened by schizophrenia, i seek to occupy my mind, success is partial, but incomplete, avocation and hobbies are important, as is vocation, to keep sanity by action, calmness alludes me, as does serenity, i will keep moving until free.

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