Friday, November 28, 2014

a poem by gary pelow

cold on turkey day, harsh and brutal the wind, could be warmer if not alone or lonely, chicken and not turkey, because of the temper explosion at blessed sacrament, 200 people there, only one here, i do my work, i keep my schedule, i perform my duties, there is nothing else right now, next year maybe, turkey day will have more joy, its almost criminal to be left alone on such a day, no family, no friends, the habits of years gone by stick like rubber cement, only through hard work and practice of social skills will end this pattern, a pattern of  self punishments, buddha will help, or will at least try, more than jesus mohhamed,  that which actually works is what is chosen, the proof is in the wet pudding, use practical ways, do not stick to traditions of failure,the music is playing, and the snow has begun, bitter, cold and alone, both me and the weather.

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