Monday, January 22, 2018

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Jordan Lobster Scandal

It has been all over the newswires all over the planet Earth!, A huge fucking scandal! U.K. news reporter makes psychologist Jordan Peterson admit he is in favor of a government ruled by lobsters!
British reporter Cathy Newman tortures Jordan Peterson for an entire half hour until finally Jordan breaks down in tears and he admits he has been colluding with lobsters from The Russian Federation Baltic Sea society of  Revolutionary Lobsters.
It is stunning how wrong I
have been, the far left as I use to call them, have given me the Red Pill on  all truth that exists in the Universe.
As I watched, psychologist Jordan, usually a very tough guy, started to break down and cry.
He admitted, as I do here, this moment, that the answer to all of  mankind's  future existence will depend on whether we choose the right lobsters from Red Lobster to rule over the human race and said lobsters must be misogynistic.
Lobsters everywhere are gloating over the truth of their destiny of controlling all of us peoples.
There have been reports of Lobsters rioting on the Beaches of Florida, reeking havoc and fear among millions of retirees.
In Tehran, The Ayatollah whats-his-name has ordered the Republic guard down to the beaches of Iran to massacre as many Lobsters as possible, being ruled by lobsters in unacceptable to The Islamic Republic of Iran
He Stated:  "The Koran and The Prophet Mohammad can not accept being ruled by lobsters, it is an abomination that Allah shall destroy, before it even begins."
The Ayatollah went on to say that he was willing to join "forces from all over reality of all  races, creeds, religions, atheists, feminists, Russians, Americans to destroy the common enemy of uppitty lobsters."
There has been less information forthcoming from any news source on what Vladamir Putin, Dictator of Russia, will do in response to the growing number of lobsters rioting in Moscow, but the military has been clashing violently against the Russian Lobsters.
Reports are that reporter Cathy Newman of The United Kingdom has been receiving death threats from all of the British chain of Red Lobsters restaurants.
Asked why he was colluding with lobsters Dr. Jordan Peterson said "Take a fucking look around you, feminism is gaining power, getting ready to destroy politicians and leaders from all over the world, The Lobsters contacted me to join forces against feminism and the rising far left New World Order That includes a one world government and religion, in alliance with Luciferians, Satan worshipers, Jews, Sam Harris, Pee wee Herman and the Illumanati and free masons and the Frankfurt School of Cultural  Marxism, and notorious Demon Hell Boy.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ben Shapiro - Something You Should Know About Oprah Winfrey

Under the Influence - Millennial Oppressed by Reality!

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Progress

It is interesting to see the world through the eyes of Dian Fossey who spent years in an African Jungle studying some fearsome looking beasts of the forest.
Only fearsome looking, actually quite the opposite of being "beasts".
The silver back African mountain gorillas, these creatures are our relatives whether we like it or not.
They are huge primates, highly socially organized into family groups where there is usually a dominant male, no surprise there, human men want to be alpha as well.
These powerful, physically strong cousins of ours would rarely if ever harm a human, Fossey
approached a family group of gorillas playing by their rules, not hers or ours.
The dominant male gorillas put of a show of bravado while understanding Fossey was female,obviously not one of them, but close enough, Fossey had to show deference to the lead male gorilla, keeping her gaze down toward the ground, not looking directly into the eyes of an 600 pound male, to gain his trust, so they would accept her as family, a family that would last for years.
The gorillas are not beasts, actually they are pretty much vegetarian, despite being huge animals, they do not run round the mountain tops killing other animals for food, nor just for sport.
Nor do they kill their own kind just for the hell of it.
These primates, these almost human beings can not speak, do calculus, they have no real language abilities.
They know nothing of landing robots on Mars, or pursuing a vaccine to prevent AIDS.
They do not travel the world to gain power, influence and cash or yachts.
They are more primitive, less sophisticated, fascinating for sure, but still not human. Primitive.
We are their cousins, along with Chimpanzees and Orangutans. Who also are physically powerful and highly intelligent. And, mostly they too are vegetarians, some Chimps eat ants.
But Orangutans and Chimpanzees do not run around like lions tearing animals apart for food.
Nor do they kill their own kind.
They also can not do calculus.
But they also do not commit genocide, against their own or us. Among the great apes there are no Hitlers, Stalins, or Pol Pots.
Apparently we humans evolved into at least part time meat eaters, when the species before us did not.
Is that Progress?
We have set up gulag death camps, concentration camps, we have enslaved our own kind as property, not as equals.
Apes do not do nor even are aware of such things.
The human race rose out of similar species and for some reason became more violent then those species that came before us.
We have murdered each other on a personal level and in large groups, there are now 7 billion of us, raping the Earth and literally raping our women, we put people in metal boxes called prison cells because some of our own, quite a bit actually, do violent horrible things to other humans.
I do not think Chimps have prisons housing 3 million Chimps, that would be us, humans, not the apes.
There are only a few hundred gorillas on the Earth, outside of or including in zoos these silverbacks face extinction, but they have done nothing wrong, we have, we are the ones who kill are own. Over race. Over money. Over sex, jealousy. Over power. We kill with machines, machines revolutionized the pattern of our self destruction. that was already in motion.
We can do calculus, we can fly in artificial devices, planes, balloons, helicopters.
We also produce Ted Bundys and Jeffery Dahmers.
Our technical abilities outstrip any other species on the planet and we have moved and lived on all of the continents except Antartica, we adapt to nature, to climate, to different diets, but we created Gangis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Caligula. Nero, Pol Pot.
We are assbackwards, yes the gorillas may soon disappear  from miniscule numbers, but at seven billion we are moving to extinction.
We are obsessed with drugs, money, power, ideology, drunk on our own self importance based on gods who do not exist.
We are obsessed with pornography, violent sex, meaningless sex with strangers.
We want gold, diamonds and silver, but these things do not really have any ability to help us. YOU can not eat gold. We can not swallow diamonds, or silver spoons. Yet Billions have died and will die, permanently over such things.
Our cerebral cortex has advanced but our souls are empty, we try to protect our friends and family and yet go out of our way to kill other humans.
I am not a nihilist, I do not believe in giving up and committing suicide like my sister did with a double barrel blast to the head.  I am here and might as well enjoy it, but do not kid yourselves, we are insane, we are less rational than apes, they live to live, we live to kill others or ourselves. or even to kill apes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Are you in a shit hole?

Are you in a shit hole?
Well let us see.
Do you live in what is left of Detroit in the USA? Then you are in a shit hole.
I know this low hanging fruit but: Do you live in Syria? Then you live in a shit hole.
Do you live anywhere in The Islamist world or North Africa where Muslim mothers will cut off the clitoris of their own daughter? With a razor Blade? Then you live in a shit hole.
I am going to skip Somalia, that place, which is no longer a functioning nation, is self evident as a shit hole.
Do you live near the border between Mexico and The United States, where drug cartels murder people by flaying them alive, or behead them after torturing them? Shit hole.
Did you happen to live in Cambodia, sometimes referred to Kampuchea between 1976 -1979?
In those Years Pol Pot Killed at least 1/4 of a million of the Cambodian people, the murder of a people did not stop until Vietnam invaded Cambodia, regardless of why Vietnam did this is unimportant, people in Cambodia stopped getting mass murdered.
Shit hole is not the appropriate word.  A descent into hell, into ultimate evil.
I have to go out on a limb here, Do you live in Palestine? Much of it occupied or stolen by Jewish settlers? Shit Hole.
Are you in the lowest of Caste in India's caste system, which India insists does not exist, cleaning out human excrement, urine and feces by hand in the gutter of INDIA? Shit hole.
Do you live in Great Britain where you get arrested for facebook comments while Pakastani child rapists are protected by the mostly white British/London police force? Shit hole, yes, England, The U.K. Shit hole.
So was Trump being racist or simply making a statement  reflective of  reality?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Motivation, reasons, purpose.

I am an atheist.
An atheist that uses some Buddhist practices like meditation
Why do I do these things when I am an atheist, what is the point of doing anything that excludes the idea of god or gods?
There are three words you could use to approach and answer this question, why bother to meditate when, as an atheist I believe there is no afterlife, meditation would not change my nonexistence after death for all eternity?
Three words, Motivation, Purpose and Reasons.
What is your motivation for doing things you find valuable?
What is your purpose for doing those same things?
What are specific reasons you hold on to.
To do the things in life you find important you must have a motivation.
What does motivation mean?
What is purpose?
What is the definition of "reasons"?
Purpose means you do things for a specific, intended outcome.
But purpose also means the ultimate reason for doing anything in your life, maybe things like morality, helping others in need who are homeless, the desire to help reduce the suffering or others nor be the cause of other peoples suffering.
Not because some god or gods said this is purpose, but because even without a god or gods you have a gut feeling about the  meaning of your life, the reason you decide to get up every morning, every time you do not choose suicide. Purpose is the moral and ethics you hold, assuming you are not a psycopath, that makes you do the things that are important, purpose is your moral reason for doing things for others or anything that you do to contribute your skills, time, and hard work to better the world.
Purpose could be, if there are no god or gods, anything that seems wrong in the world and wrong with humanity that for some reason you think about and can not stomach doing nothing to help stop something you know, by gut reaction, you know is evil
I believe the word motivation is more mundane, but important.
Your motivation to do something you think is important is more specific and concrete.
Your purpose is the reason you choose to live is at all.
Motivation to do anything, maybe like holding a job, to earn money to be able to pursue certain goals, having children and the money to feed them and pay the bills.
Motivation is  the reason you went to college, to increase the odds of a higher income.
Motivation is when you go to work everyday in  the middle of a winter of blizzards and snowfall. The motivation to not have your power or heat turned off so you would avoid freezing cold temperatures in your home, to avoid pain, or other negative outcomes.
Consequences, for doing or not doing is motivation.

The word reason is broad in definition but still mundane, less sexy than purpose.
Reasons are examples of why certain things happen in this universe, including things you have no control over, but also including the things you can influence as well.
The reason it snows is because of the tilt and position and orbit of the Earth around the Sun.
The reason you go to work is to not be homeless or just poor.
But motivation and reasons exist to serve the process of fulfilling your purpose.