Sunday, June 17, 2018


Buddhism Explained: Religions in Global History

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Wasteland

There is growing numbers of spiritual wastelands and deserts growing in THE USA..
These are vast empty, intellectually empty, vast spaces of stupidity and often include crimes, like money laundering, or torture.
These wastelands are not just one group or organized group of human beings where people get their lives destroyed.
There are many roads to hell, take your pick.
If you are hell bent on being robbed of your freedom, money, and enjoy physical assault and torture,
By all means, go. Go join the wasteland of your church or cult where you become nothing and are worthless
I suppose in some ways I am lucky, I got caught up in a small cult in Rochester NY that was Pentacostal and charismatic in nature.. 
I felt obliged to stay with this small group of fanatics who babbled nonsense while speaking in tongues because they offered food and I took advantage of free daily meals .
I was broke, almost homeless, I was off my psychiatric drugs and desperate and broken down.
I needed to survive, even if it meant out right lying.
The lie I told to these fanatics with food was that I believed what they believed, which was a lie.I was hungry, mentally ill, broke.
Food is food and cooked meals are cooked meals, they are to be eaten for free, I did what I had to do to survive.
Including lying.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

A poem by Gary Gerard Pelow: Escape

There is no escape from this trap that has slammed tight on my ankles.
Even if I broke away from this trap I would just stumble in a worse trap or prison run by my enemies.
They may try to goad me into violence or suicide, to end my life by harassment and mental torture.
There are prisons, jails and torture chambers in all parts of the world traveled by Bourdain.
He is gone you know even if you did not here the news of his self termination.
He willingly jumped into a permanent trap of death that has no return or release, resurrections like Jesus are just fantasies, fairy ales not reality.
The only solace for any soul that is alone 24 hours a day in prison inside of a prison of solitary confinement is imagination.
In my  teenager years and the prison it was of no friends, depression, possible suicide, my life was saved by imagining myself as a rock star.