Sunday, August 13, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow The Road to Stupidity is Paved with Racists, Fascists, ANTIFA and Marxists

The United States is heading into pure stupidity.
Or at least some of its extremist citizens of both the far left and far right in politics are headed that way.
There was violence over the past couple of days, riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.
And the usual violent suspects were there, white nationalist jackasses who do not speak for me as a white person and the far left Marxist, Anarchist,  Antifascist extremists wearing masks because of being the cowards they are.
Is this how things will be done now in our country? Is this how we will make decisions? Violence in the streets by left/right lunatics and the political centrists saying and doing virtually nothing to oppose these extreme racists and communists.
Part of the rioting had something to do with a statue of The American Civil War confederate General Robert E. Lee.
The leftists wanted to have the statue removed, after all it is racist, the leftist violence got what they wanted, out of fear the Mayor of Charlottesville decided to remove the statue.
I personally do not give a fuck about the statue itself or whether or not it represents racism.
My beef is with how decisions are being made, by riots and threats of violence that cowardly mayors like the one in Charlottesville give into and make decisions based on who is most violent.
If you want the fucking statue removed, then call for the State of Virginia to have a voting referendum
with local voters deciding whether or not to remove the statue
That is how a fucking rational, classic liberal Constitutional Republic with democratic features governed by the Bill of Rights are suppose to make decisions.
By voting, it is not that fucking complicated.
I lived in Brockport NY where we had a local referendum vote on whether or not to disband the Brockport police department, the police force won the day in that election, they still exist.
The point though was there were passionate feelings on both sides but no one in Brockport rioted and tried to burn shit down because they are sore losers, they called for a vote, it was held, the decision was made, then everyone went home and went on with their lives, jobs, friends and families.
Left/right extremists do not seem to understand that most Americans are in the political center and we in the center oppose you white fascists but we also despise far left feminist, Marxist, left wing identity politics leftist racists.
The ironic thing is I am a confirmed, diagnosed officially, paranoid schizophrenic who's thoughts and feelings are suppose to be confused, making the schizophrenic act in bizarre ways.
But yet as the crazy person, I am not the one  in the streets acting irrationally with violence.
You fucking fascists and leftists need to be stopped, not from holding rallies or protests, you must be stopped  from making the government making decisions based on violence and threats of violence, you are all traitors against The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"We Have Monthly Ắbortion Quotas" Plánned Párenthood Exec TELLS ALL

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Not Easy

It is not easy to be vomiting all the time, every single god damn day, especially when there is no physical cause.
Just fear and anxiety and paranoia and living in constant terror that there are people out there that want to kill me tearing up my gut.
I get up every morning with stomach acid turning in my gut so much it is actually audible, you can hear it, if I vomit, well, then you get to see and smell it.
Which only reinforces it, get sick, vomit, see, smell, get sick, vomit, see, smell, get sick,
My neighbors are assholes who are constantly slamming their doors, that really pisses me off, it only turns my stomach more, that acrid anger in my gut.
Those fucking assholes also leave the front door to the building unlocked so their fucking nurse can come in, or anyone, can come into the building any god damn time they want to.
This does not help my paranoia, fear, terror, and vomiting, always the vomiting.
I jump at load noises, that comes from the PTSD of me being tied up as a child with duct tape and being tortured, I jump at everything, every noise, every sound.
I just want to tell the world to fuck off but I can not do that without interrupting my own life, goals and freedom.
Always the vomiting.
I am drowning in debt barely able to pay my rent not to mention the electric bill and internet and paying back the bank.
It does not help my gut any or the constant nausea I feel that I smoke cigarettes and eat a shitty diet, pile on that anger and stress and the vicious circle.
My lower back hurts and my lack of exercise only makes the pain worse, I am in constant fear that I will be murdered.
I see enemies in every bush, shadow, corner, house and hallway, I am shaking in fear and I want to kill myself which would make many happy but I do not have the guts to do it.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, BAMN! From Mr. X

"By any means necessary" is the quote of Malcom X.  What did Mr. X mean by that quote?
What was the context of him saying this?   What was the speech he gave that included this quote?
What was its context and purpose intended by Mr. X in giving that speech?
Well below you will find a partial video of that speech given by Mr. X, he gave the speech to form what he called the "Association of Afro-American Unity".  Formed to both strengthen the rights of the black community in the United States as defined by The United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights and The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights contained there in.
The two main rights spoken by Mr. X in that speech was the "right to self defense" and "the right to bear arms" that black Americans had a right to, because all Americans were SUPPOSE to have these rights.
Now let me turn a hard left to a different subject and come back to Mr. X later.
BAMN!  What is BAMN!?  Well it is an organization intended to support the continued existence of Affirmative Action Laws in The United States and to fight "white supremacy", "fascism", "racism", "homophobia", Islamaphobia" the only word in this list that has no real meaning or purpose but to hide the violence and fascism of The Islamist World by calling anyone who brings attention to Islamist fascism and violence an "Islamaphobe" or a "racist", Islam is not a race.  Mr. X pointed that out after returning from Mecca.
The letters in the title of this organization are the abbreviation letters from the quote from Mr. X "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY". BAMN!.
By any means necessary. Including self defense for blacks in America, in The USA, as well as their right to bear arms.
What does BAMN! want? Do they want to uphold the Rights of Blacks in America to self defense and the right to bear arms, which I agree they have, should always have had, or do they seek something else altogether?
BAMN! says they are defending the rights of gays, blacks, women, the disabled, people of color, immigrants who are not white, transgender people, bisexuals, and anyone who is marginalized in The United States.
If that were true of them, BAMN!, then I would have no problem with them or their tactics or goals.
There would be no reason or point to writing this if these were BAMN'S! goals.
Their actual goal, singular not plural, is to create violent random violence and riots in the name of human rights, by committing arson, assault, murder, theft, identity politics of racism, clubbing people with baseball bats, burning and attacking random people with fire works or throwing gasoline on them and setting them on fire, randomly, no one in particular.
And stabbing people and violently attacking political and social opponents not breaking the law who are peaceably assembled for redress of grievances.
This is first attack instigation of violence, not self defense.
It is just crimes, not protests, not political or social free speech or protest, just crime.
Mr. X was a Muslim, a Muslim who wanted to unite black people in America under the banner of self defense, not violent criminal activity. Not riots. Not assault. Not murder, shootings, beatings, stabbings, theft, and arson.
BAMN! is nothing remotely similar to the "ASSOCIATION OF AFRO AMEMERICAN UNITY" established by MR. X nor are the ideals and tactics and ethics or morals of BAMN! similar to "THE AOAAU" of Mr. X.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Withdrawing from poisoning.

It begins with some mild nervousness, then moves it agitation then fear, then craving as the poison is no longer there in me.
I begin to pace, I am agitated, fearful, craving, craving, craving the poison, it is not there anymore, but the craving.
I am  racked with insomnia, fear and terror as my brain breaks down into chemical confusion, the brain is use to the poison, it can not function normally without it.
I begin to breathe rapidly, I feel sick to my stomach, my abdomen is distended, bloated and filled with pain, my heart is racing.
Actually my heart is pounding in my chest, the poison is not there, the body and brain are confused, where is that poison? I NEED THAT POISON.
My endorphins are not released to control the pain, my transmitter chemicals are falling and rising in confusion, I begin to vomit, to wretch without control, the stomach expels its contents until it is exhausted, there is nothing left but severe dry heaving.
But there are other things happening without the poison, my blood is more enriched with oxygen, it is
becoming less thick with cluttered platelets that no longer clog, leading to brain or heart attacks.
The Monoxide poisons that cuts air and oxygen from the brain is dropping to zero, more oxygen is reaching my brain, it is no longer being choked off.
The blood is increasing in its efficiency in all the work it has to do without the poison, my heart beats with less strain, my lungs begin to clear of black soot without the poison, without the Nicotine

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, A Life Of Its Own

Psychosis and anxiety are intertwined in me, they are inseparable traits in me, for some anxiety by itself is terrifying, i.e. panic attacks that spin out of control and loom larger and larger to the point of being a mental cripple.
Their pain and suffering are real, anxiety can balloon into a huge mess with a life of its own.
Sow into that fabric of uncontrolled anxiety psychosis.
Psychosis, when you hear and see things that are not real, and all the more terrifying because they are not real for no one but the psychotic sees and hears these hallucinations and demons.
Then there are the delusions that mark the psychotic, false, persistent beliefs held to be real with absolutely no evidence to support them and even have mountains of evidence of their falsehood.
These are terrifying things that also have a life of their own, and bring anxiety in spades, in uncontrolled panic attacks and terror.
I walk down the street drowning in delusions, I keep my composure well, I am not going to commit suicide, become violent or break the law because of psychosis, anxiety and internal terror.
I do not run around in public or private yelling and screaming at people with nonsensical world salad nor do I talk to myself, at least not in public.
I keep my appearance presentable, I shave, shower daily, brush my teeth, do my laundry, floss, use antiperspirant and deodorant.
I refrain from saying fuck you to my neighbors downstairs that I do not like, yet they are obnoxious, but I keep my composure, I will not surrender to my internal fear and terror by lashing out at others who have not caused it nor even know that it is there in me.
I often walk down the street and people do or say strange things that are real, because my friends see them too.
But that is where IDEAS OF REFERENCE SURFACE, delusions that random events around me are somehow related to me or even targeted at me on purpose by individuals and large groups called perps who are gang stalking me, the targeted individual, to push me to isolation and suicide.
You can google the terms Gang Stalking, Perps and Targeted Individuals yourselves.
I am not convinced gang stalking is never real in my life, actually I have taken videos and pictures of my stalkers and put them online, letting the stalkers know I just recorded and documented their stalking and they will be famous in social media across the world wide web and internet.
Some of the things these gang stalkers do is weird, out of the ordinary but not illegal things to try to terrify me into suicide , like running backwards passed me in groups, that happened today, it happened to fast to record with my smart phone so I just threw them the finger and said fuck you.
My friend Ron was there he saw it, it was real, it happened, but was it really aimed at ME?
I do not know this shit is taking on a life of its own.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Theft

People steal all of the time, I have been robbed 7 times in the past three years, people have been taking things from me they did not earn or work for by I did.
4 days ago someone stole my bike right off my porch in broad daylight, it was 3:00 PM in the after noon.
The bike was double locked with two separate 2 in thick steel cables with 2 heavy duty Kryptonite Pad locks, very heavy and thick
The cables were wrapped around the frame, made of wood, of the front porch.
I always thought that no one would take the time to try to cut through either the thick steal cables
or the thick, heavy metal locks, especially on my front porch where there was a high probability of attracting the attention of the of the tenants that live in my house.
And if they did steal my bike, I thought they would find it easier to break the wooden frame of the front porch, take the bike, and cut the locks later.
But nope, I had gone down to the front porch to have a cigarette around 2 and the bike was still there.
I went back upstairs to my apartment to argue with my bank and Medicaid over some financial issues for about a half an hour.
I went back downstairs for another cigarette and when I opened the front door to go out, the first thing I saw was the two heavy locks laying on the front porch, cut open, into several pieces of metal.
The bike and cables were gone, they did not need to break the wooden frame of the front porch.
They came prepared, whatever they used to cut the locks had to be some heavy duty bolt cutters, a very large set of bolt cutters, to cut through those locks quickly, in less than thirty minutes without anyone noticing.
Or maybe they did notice, my neighbors in my building, they just did not do anything about it and they just told me when I asked they knew nothing of the theft when they did.  No one likes to be a snitch, even at the expense of honesty, ethics and the law.
This was the third bike stolen from me in three years time, each bike costing more than 130 dollars a piece.
I lost well over 350 dollars in property.
Oddly enough, about three weeks ago someone stole money, electronically, from my bank account, my checking.
It was about seventy dollars and it took my bank three weeks to recover my money, forcing me to overdraft my account for food, which means ultimately I never actually recovered the stolen money, because I had to borrow from my bank and pay them back in 60 extra dollars in overdraft charges, I got nothing back in the end from that bank theft, I just lost more when my bank legally robbed me.
People and banks can be such assholes. They steal from you, or they see someone else steal from you and say and do nothing.
I have had other packages of things that I had ordered online when the United States Postal Service or those fucking assholes at UPS and Fedex just dumped the packages on the front porch for anyone to steal without getting a signature.
And steal they did.
About 180 dollars worth of stealing in one shot, with one package, and of course the USPS, UPS, Fedex all said it was not their problem, they just deliver packages, whatever happens after that is my problems.
I was renting a room about 4 years ago from a young couple and the bedroom I was renting had no lock and since they were the only other people living in that house, all of us sharing the entire house, they stole from me, 100 dollars.
Liars, thieves, crooks, nonwitnesses who know but say nothing.
I hate people.