Friday, February 16, 2018

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Nationalism? Sure, but based on what?

The right wingers at Red Ice Radio and T.V. want to save your European Heritage, and the extreme left wants to exterminate it and bury it as if we,  the white, never existed.
But I wonder does any of this sort of thing really matter?
Well that depends on your place of existence in this present moment as well as your religious beliefs.
People who are Nationalists define themselves as patriots of a sort, even base their Nationalism on race, on wanting their own ethno-state.
Whites are doing this, like Red Ice, Blacks are not innocent either of wanting a black Nationalist ethno-state, patriotism based on race.
If you believe in God, regardless of your race, you may take on the race based Nationalism and say that ONLY YOUR RACE MATTERS TO GOD, OR TO PROVIDENCE.
Adolf Hitler used the word providence a lot, his religious or spiritual beliefs were not that strong in any conventional sense, he was raised Roman Catholic but was not an obvious adult Roman Catholic.
Actually if he had been publicly strong favoring one religion over another, if his beliefs became to specific, Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican, he would not have gotten to power.
The word providence is a good word to use in place of words like "GOD", "JESUS", "ALLAH"" "Yaweh"  "Father" "LORD" when you need to convince a wide range of people of the really stupid shit you believe in
And also invent, quite cleverly, your own new religion, National Socialism itself was a state religion with Hitler as a God. A State  religion based on race, the white race, or even more specifically the white GERMAN RACE.
But this is not always an evil thing wanting your own ethno-stae with patriotism based on race or color.
The Japanese have that, China has that, those are and have been for centuries ethno-states.
Japan allows virtually no immigration to Japan nor does China, but China would be less attractive anyways to would be immigrants
And these countries of racial patriotism are centuries old, it would make sense that any human country, nation or empire would be based on religion, or race or both.
But that is not true of The United States. Yes, neither George Washington nor Thomas Jefferson had any intention of The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The U.S.Constitution being written to protect blacks, women or "The Indians" or anyone else who was not white, owned land or a business and payed taxes.
So yes, The USA was Founded as a white nation with white people in power, but that nation is much younger than say Japan or China.
And, intentionally or not, the way the Constitution of The United States was written, it could be changed and amended, or interpreted  by The Supreme Court to mean things that were new, the end of slavery, racial voting rights, women being given the vote, and the dismantling of segregation of the races in the southern U.S..
So is it right to be an American citizen , born  here or naturalized later, to base their Nationalism on race, color or religion, or the hatred of others in reverse on those grounds?
Or is American Nationalism based on a set of sacred ideas, ideas so sacred, they were written down, very specifically. ON PAPER.
Are you a patriot or American Nationalist because you are white, latino or black or do you base your patriotism, your nationalism, on a set of scared ideas?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Ajahn Nissarano - Right Stillness ~ Samatha Samadhi

A poem by Gary G Pelow

We are a distracted people, sometimes on purpose.  We are willfully ignorant because we do not want to see or hear reality.
We are distracted by Kim Kardasian's ass or football or youtube, or video games.
We want to stick our fingers in our ears and shut our eyes and start repeating "I can't hear you blah blah blah. ".
There is quote from one of my favorite movies, "30 Days of Night". It is a vampire movie,
One of the vampires help, not a vampire himself but hoping to be, if he does as he is told.
"Do you feel it? That Cold? that's not the weather or snow you feel, or the wind, it is death approaching, and you can not escape because they are coming and you have nowhere to go or hide"
We want to pretend we do not see or even confirm the existence of our own approaching doom.
This is not a prophet speaking, atheism is my game, I do not fortune tell events, I am not Nostradamus.
So what are we avoiding to notice, or even ever get the information about something, at least be aware of its existence.?
Well, not vampires nor "The Walking Dead" , 2 more distraction I write with irony.
We are not seeing that the human race is getting larger, we are not seeing, at least in our own lives in the west, that food and water are diminishing, and many children for unknown reasons are developing food allergies.
I do not have a problem with your race based Nationalism, White, Black, Yellow.
If you want an ethnic state build it, but remember ethnicity by itself solves nothing nor will it help your race, whatever that maybe.
WE are all interconnected and no I am not trying to get all fuzzy and cozy with the truth.
I have a black landlord, he rents out  rooms, that is his job, I am white, I need to not live on the streets, homeless
So the black land lord takes my five hundred dollars a month for rent.
He has a service to offer, a service I need  and I am willing to pay for.
The color green are the color of the Chains that have connected all races, at least in America,
into a complicated spider web of inter connection.  The races need each other.  I am not speaking about interracial sex, children, marriage.
I am speaking of our money system, the black landlord collects whiteys five hundred dollars a month, the black land lord deposits the money in a bank owned by Chinese interests and corporations.  The Chinese use my landlords money to invest in the stock market, there are several, run by Japanese, catholic, white, atheist, Jewish etc.
All of these different races and or groups have a say in what happens to my money more than I do
If the Tokyo stock exchange collapsed into financial dust, we would all be breathing in the soot..
Because of the interconnection, we are trapped together, whites, blacks, etc.
If you pull one string out of the wool sweater, the entire sweater unravels..

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Existential Cop-out A poem by author Gary G Pelow, Rochester NY

I am an atheist, and despite what you may have heard, that does not mean, for me at least, that I see no purpose in life.
I kinda feel sorry for people who believe in god or gods or deities in their sorted varieties.
They cling to fantasies of Bronze age, drug addicted goat fuckers, like Peter, Paul, fuck even they may not have been real historical people.
No worries, the point is these adult children cling to imaginary mommies and daddies that live in the sky who apparently also created the Universe with themselves being the reason for The Universe, gee, how convenient for these adult children, mommy in the sky made me, I am the Center and Reason mommy created Everything, So are YOU! All of you!
But, Who cares?  Mommy and Daddy still loves me, you, us all. We are are the reason The Universe was made! I Have purpose, I have a reason not to put a full metal jacket cartridge into my skull and end it all! I have PURPOSE!
Do you?  Your purpose in life does not come from you? You did not look and attain a purpose for your own existence based on what you find important but something that is important to Mommy Dearest and Daddy who will burn you forever if you masturbate?
Your purpose is to not jerk off and do not become roast beef, well done, for eternity because, well, I guess fire for eternity somehow proves LOVE? PURPOSE?
I do not know maybe you just got the wrong god, maybe Allah is your Daddy.
That would be REALLY TO HAVE NO PURPOSE. ALLAH , to the mohamadins, does shit like kill and torture people just for the LoL's.
The God of Abraham was a vindictive prick, in the OLD TESTAMENT, but The Koran is a fucking true nightmare of fevered drugged induced fantasies.
Gee, Which should I choose.
Jesus, Son of Daddy who fucked Mary, my mom, and then they proceeded to kill their child for me and I go to HELLFIRE if I do not believe Jesus died for me so Mommy loves you, me and Jesus so they tortured and killed us or threaten too?
Or maybe Allah is your Mummy, he had no children but he can maim, torture and kill and burn people with the best of them!
MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, Your purpose with NO GOD OR GODS is to not fuck other people over and cause them to suffer, because with or without your god, human pain is real, proven to exist, SO MAYBE GROW UP AND START THERE?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Why Steven Pinker is Wrong About Violence

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Jordan Lobster Scandal

It has been all over the newswires all over the planet Earth!, A huge fucking scandal! U.K. news reporter makes psychologist Jordan Peterson admit he is in favor of a government ruled by lobsters!
British reporter Cathy Newman tortures Jordan Peterson for an entire half hour until finally Jordan breaks down in tears and he admits he has been colluding with lobsters from The Russian Federation Baltic Sea society of  Revolutionary Lobsters.
It is stunning how wrong I
have been, the far left as I use to call them, have given me the Red Pill on  all truth that exists in the Universe.
As I watched, psychologist Jordan, usually a very tough guy, started to break down and cry.
He admitted, as I do here, this moment, that the answer to all of  mankind's  future existence will depend on whether we choose the right lobsters from Red Lobster to rule over the human race and said lobsters must be misogynistic.
Lobsters everywhere are gloating over the truth of their destiny of controlling all of us peoples.
There have been reports of Lobsters rioting on the Beaches of Florida, reeking havoc and fear among millions of retirees.
In Tehran, The Ayatollah whats-his-name has ordered the Republic guard down to the beaches of Iran to massacre as many Lobsters as possible, being ruled by lobsters in unacceptable to The Islamic Republic of Iran
He Stated:  "The Koran and The Prophet Mohammad can not accept being ruled by lobsters, it is an abomination that Allah shall destroy, before it even begins."
The Ayatollah went on to say that he was willing to join "forces from all over reality of all  races, creeds, religions, atheists, feminists, Russians, Americans to destroy the common enemy of uppitty lobsters."
There has been less information forthcoming from any news source on what Vladamir Putin, Dictator of Russia, will do in response to the growing number of lobsters rioting in Moscow, but the military has been clashing violently against the Russian Lobsters.
Reports are that reporter Cathy Newman of The United Kingdom has been receiving death threats from all of the British chain of Red Lobsters restaurants.
Asked why he was colluding with lobsters Dr. Jordan Peterson said "Take a fucking look around you, feminism is gaining power, getting ready to destroy politicians and leaders from all over the world, The Lobsters contacted me to join forces against feminism and the rising far left New World Order That includes a one world government and religion, in alliance with Luciferians, Satan worshipers, Jews, Sam Harris, Pee wee Herman and the Illumanati and free masons and the Frankfurt School of Cultural  Marxism, and notorious Demon Hell Boy.