Saturday, December 16, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, The Difference?

I see ANTIFA Marxist thugs in black masks to hide who they are as the physically destroy other people's property and livelihoods, or even commit outright assault and murder in the name of leftist, feminist, extremist, communist, anarchist, Marxist ideals.
They are to fucking stupid to realize you can not have a political view, that can come to pass and would provide some sort of functional government or society if your only tactics to reach that Marxist government utopia is to burn cars and over turn garbage cans. The far left is not anywhere near sanity nor is it anything like the original political left, say, before 1995.
The left, the feminist Marxist left, is filled with a cancer, the cancer of competing for the TITLE of who is the most oppressed group under the dominant, white, straight, male imaginary rape culture and patriarchy.
Blacks, and "people of color", whatever that means, verbally and physically attack each other in this competition, this leftist game of who is the most victimized group.
Black women insult white women and vice versa trying to show who is the most oppressed by evil white males. Straight males that is.
Apparently if  you are gay, and a person of color, you somehow would never strive to become an oppressor, an actual dictator, just because of your color and sexuality shield you from doing such evil oppression.
It is bizarre to me to see white gay men and black gay men say they are more oppressed than each other.
Supposedly they would be on the same team, or at least that would have some logic to it, it would be intuitive that they are natural allies.
But they are not, because the left is collapsing like a sand castle under water because the foundation of the left, victim hood, is splintering into different factions. Every man or woman for themselves, I do not care if you are a white lesbian woman who is homeless and oppressed, oh, no siree, I, a rich, black, medical doctor, a  gay man with both an M.D. and Phd. is much more powerless and more oppressed than you.
Logic no longer applies on the left, if it were ever there, even in a weak form, it is certainly not there now.
The far right also has a few problems of logistics.
Most people see the far right as being white, and only white, like white nationalists who say they are not racist or white supremacists, just separatists wanting a white nation, its own "homeland".
However, ALL COLORS are involved in the far right game of group identity based on race
If you are a race , or ethnic , or color based Separatist movement based on who is black, or Asian, or Latino, or whatever, nationalist and separatists like The New Black Panther Party, or The Nation of Islam, you are extreme right, you are, in part, alt-right.
Because stupidity is not color based, it seems to be a trait of humans in general. So is evil.
The struggle of the left against the right may seem to be based on opposing ideologies, capitalists vs. Marxists, Jew against Gentile or Palestinian. Atheism and science versus religion. Rich against poor.
Most on the far right are race based nationalists, the left is controlled by radical Marxist, communist, feminist, identity political bigots.
But Ideas and ideologies do not matter, no one really cares about any particular written and official party platform for left or right.
Stalin did very little, if anything, to support communism. He did everything for his own power. The communist label for Stalin was a tool of mass murder and power, his power, no one else mattered, not even other communists who he killed.
The official party platform of the National Socialists in Germany between 1933-1945 meant nothing to Hitler.
Hitler himself was National Socialism, the policy of the Nazis were based on what Adolf wanted, based on his personal whims, mood and irrational decisions in war. Not based on the Party Platform.
Hitler killed other Nazis over this issue, the leaders of the S.A., his fellow Nazis were getting more powerful within the party.
Hitler killed the Leaders of The S.A., The Storm Troopers, his very first supporters, and disbanded the S.A., that is the storm troopers, because they were loyal to the Party, not Hitler.
In The End, whether it is during the struggle for power between left and right or after the actual attainment of power by the left  or right. The result is always a dictator, usually a mass murderer, who does not give a shit about stated policy and goals, officially stated and written down.
In The End The Party Is The One Person and his own irrational whims, desires, power, paranoia and severe mental illness. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow Middle Earth (aka) #TheCenterMustHold

There is a place called middle Earth, and no I do not speak of Hobbits or Wizards, those are ideas and fantasies someone else created to entertain you.
I am not here to entertain you, even though that seems to exactly what most people want, to be entertained, even in the so called news, they want to be entertained with the sexual antics of politicians and the bufoonery, intentional or not, of Mr. Trump.
Everyone wants to ignore the obvious, or they are unintentionally oblivious to it.
The obvious, frightening thing I speak of is extremism, religious, political, social, sometimes violent extremism and the fact they, the extremists, are now in control of government and the media.
Things are now so confusing, labels of the past for political ideology and position on issues, any issues, are now meaningless.
The word liberal, use to mean someone who supported social programs and higher taxes to pay the costs for those programs, liberals generally supported civil rights, gay rights and abortion rights.
It was assumed by most that liberals would be identified by being on the left of a political spectrum, another now meaningless term, there is no spectrum, there is no rainbow coalition.
If you do try to use the word left or leftist to describe political positions, you are NOT describing liberals, you are describing terrorist groups like ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and Black Block rioters anarchists guilty of TREASON.
You are describing Third Waves feminists who have zero to do with actual feminism, the kind from the 60' and 70's, those were feminists, they had real gripes and complaints, today, the word feminist means, being a violent, lesbian or gay man,  and people of color (as opposed to "those colored people"), women who openly call for the death  of police officers and who are paranoid about a non existent rape culture and patriarchy in the west.
They drone on about "sexist" video games in the west while gleefully ignoring the enslavement of women and children under Islamist control, be it family or an Islamist government who also openly execute and publicly kill gays which western feminists and western gay rights activists are happy to ignore to fight the paranoid, psychotic, meaningless term Islamaphobia.
If you were a conservative, an evangelical Christian, it was assumed you were somewhere on the right, the conservative, moral, political right, The Right Of Ronald Reagan or The Right of Barry Goldwater, even Richard Nixon self identified to be a law and order conservative at a time when real liberals still existed and opposed The Vietnam war, The conservative would generally call them selves patriotic and morally conservative, opposing abortion, gay rights, sometimes other civil rights, all in the name of Jesus, who was definitely a Ronald Reagan Republican.
Now being on the right means something, at least partly , called the alt-right, being a nationalist, not for your country in general, but your race who is demanding a separate country for their respective races and it is not just coming from while people, see Loius Farrakhan.
I believe most political violence is coming from the left but to some degree is on the right and right wingers today deliberately show up to antagonize leftist anarchists in black masks and their ANTIFA/BLM allies into violence.
Today left means being a Cultural and economic Marxist, a feminist, a violent rioter, a terrorist supporter, or you are a terrorist when on the left, if you are on the right you are  racist, treasonous, nationalists who insist they are separatists not supremacists, bull shit I will not buy, for their respective races again not coming just from white, see The NEW Black Panther Party, completely unrelated to THE ORIGINAL BLACK PANTHER PARTY which was Marxist leaning on the left.
The New Black Panther Party Just wants to kill white people, there is no other real goal in the ideology or beliefs, just murder, nothing else. On The New Right, being  black does not magically put you on the left, wanting to be a murderer puts you on the right, be you black or white.
So what is MIDDLE EARTH, well , 20 years ago it would be the political Center of a Spectrum, not fence sitting, just not an automatic liberal or conservative, someone who would have taken strong stands on any issue but were also open to rational compromise, in a Republic the country CAN NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT COMPROMISE, anything else is dictatorship.  So the left are in control of what was once mainstream media, now also a meaningless term, run by giant corporations to censor speech through Capitalist Corporations like facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,  but at the same time they say they oppose Capitalism and it's inherent patriarchy and rape culture.
If middle Earth is Gone, or to small, the West will implode from extremists, in media, the new left, and government the new alt-right.
If you are not frightened you are not paying attention. #TheCenterMustHold

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Waking Up with Sam Harris #107 - Is Life Actually Worth Living? (with Da...

Appamada why far left/right wing alright/regressive left are wrong and evil

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Letter to my God.

Is it absolutely necessary for you to keep interrupting my daily schedule? It is very inconvenient when you make your powerful presence felt.
I might be doing something important, or at least important to me and you keep fucking interrupting me.
I do my daily lessons in learning how to speak, written and listen with understanding the Spanish language and you are there, I have to stop what I am doing just to please you.
These constant feelings and interruptions are meant by nature to be pleasurable to me, they are not, they are an annoying inconvenience that arises at the most inopportune moments in my day and life in general.
To some extent it has always been that way, ever since I first discovered, you, my true God at the age of nine and was desperate to take a private moment to satisfy your demands, to answer as my body calls out to me that you are there and want my full attention.
In many respects you are not actually real, objectively speaking you do not exist in the physical Universe.
Yet there I go, stopping what I am doing, no matter how important, just to please you and your constant fucking demands, you are certainly not pleasing to me.
I keep seeing the images  you put into my mind, my soul, more importantly my body and I stop to answer your demands.
You are in fact extremely unpleasant merely because you interrupt me constantly 20-30 times a day.
I do not have time for this nonsense and I am to old for this fucking shit, I am not that nine year old that first discovered you after watching pretty women on television in a spy movie, one woman states : "Wise men enjoy pleasure".
I use to enjoy your presence, my God, My impulses, you were new and exciting at age nine and now you bore me with the infinite repetition and useless mundane boredom of your demands.
I am not physically sick or in poor health at the moment, but
like I said I am getting older, I am 52, not nine, and your presence in not needed, wanted or desired.
You are a God of Addiction and hedonism that is constantly putting that irresistible tingle and heat sensations between my legs that demands your satisfaction, and I give in to you every time.
Please just go away, I have no time to spare for you or any God of addiction.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Pilate Asked What Is Truth?,

In the new testament, this atheist remembers the story of Pontious Pilate asking, Jesus Christ, a so called savior, Messiah "What is truth."
I do not know what truth is anymore, I do not have any longer the ability to know what is reality and what is my psychotic fantasies, delusions, and paranoia.
Is that man, standing in back of me about two feet behind me, just standing their, or is he following me, to intimidate and threaten me by letting me know I am being watched, followed, plotted against, spied on without actually saying anything to that fact nor is he stupid enough to attract attention to himself as he stalks me quietly, letting me know without saying a word I am constantly being watched, followed and plotted against by some large group or several different groups who are trying to make me embarrass myself in public, lash out at my stalkers with violence or they are trying to push me to suicide, reasons on known.
If my stalker is quietly following me in silence and with no provocative or illegal behavior, he can drive me into a state of terror, to lash out with violence, or verbal, public yelling and screaming, so I would go to jail and the stalker trying to kill me will look like a victim as I go to prison.
I am being watched, in some cases I may only be imagining a stalker or group of them is near by, but that does not make the stalking unreal, I get nervous over people who are not stalking me because I have been traumatized by REAL STALKERS, the goal is to make me be afraid of everyone, to become a recluse in fear, to trust no one, to suspect everybody to drive me mad, insane, violent or commit suicide.
And the stalkers, the gang stalkers doing nothing overtly threatening or violent or illegal would just walk away as I commit suicide or go to prison for violent revenge by me.
I dare my gang stalkers, please attack me with violence, threaten me with emails, harass me by cell phone and make death threats by email, come to me in person and start a fight, I would gladly gut you with a box cutter blade in self defense, but they will not, they are cowards, actual physical fighting, attacking with violence are things they can not do because in the end they are impotent losers, and cowards and I will go on to do great things.