Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Saga Begins

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Laying Blame

It is funny, I grew up in a family of ten children, A Roman Catholic Family, and one thing my father taught me is not to blame other people for my failures, lack of good judgement and poor or bad life choices whenever the reasons for these things result from me, not others.
My father caught me, or I should say Wegman's food market caught me in the act of shoplifting. I was just a few months shy of 18 years.
I was 17, still technically a minor in the eyes of New York State in 1983, So the store that I tried to steal from did not call the police on me, if it had been a few months later, they would have called the Rochester Police Department and I would have been charged as an adult thief, not just a child thief.
The store opted to call my father instead, they took me into the store manager's office while they called my father in front of me,  my mother died in 1973 of booze and mental illness, I was 8.
My father never remarried and at this point in the story he was flying completely solo, no co-pilot.
Every responsibility any two parents would of had, my father had alone.
Food. Heat. The mortgage. The electricity. Discipline. Teaching morals and the religion we got ours from.  Clothes. School costs. Life insurance. Even cooking, which of course my father did not have to do but did when his rotating work schedule allowed it. I think cooking eased his tension, its was calming to him.
Anyway, my father was still at work at Kodak and would not be home until his day shift that week ended around 3:00.
During all of this the store manager actually put plastic wrist restraints on me, I do not know if that was legal, but stealing was not legal either .
So, I gave the store manager my home phone number, a land line, remember 1983 folks.
So my father did come home from work and I thought I could pull a fast one on my dad by answering the phone with a deep sounding voice pretending to be my father in front of my father.
I failed. I just can not act, no Emmy Awards Here.
Eventually I had to hand the receiver of the telephone to my dad, rotary no less, and the store manager told the old man what had happened.
My father was angry and disappointed in me, but there was no violence, or barely restrained physical violence or punishment vibes coming from him.
My father was not a man of violence most of the time, he had to much shit on his plate to complicate things with violent punishment of any kind.
He did not need to be, his disappointment in me, for the shoplifting and then trying to to lie about it, was punishment enough, I was embarrassed in front of all my brothers and sisters as they found out about these things, the events, one at a time.
I am not saying my father never used corporal punishment before on me or my siblings, but I was number nine of ten children, just short of 18 and my father was getting to old for this shit, had he been less exhausted from work, well, who knows?
But 18 was coming up fast and once that day arrived I understood I would legally be an adult, responsible for my own actions, criminal or otherwise.
So what is my point?  Well, my fathers disappointment in me was enough to cull me into straightening up.
Many years of lessons brought me to the point of being where my father being disappointed in me was more dreadful than violence.
I was caught doing something stupid, dishonest and illegal and would make many other kinds of mistakes after I turned 18 years old.
And good or bad, failure or success, win or lose, being honest or dishonest, the rewards or punishments that came my way later, many did, the responsibility lied with me, I am the one who earned success or failure, I could blame no one for my faults.
And yet, here we are, in 2017, and no one in The USA wants to take responsibility for anything wrong they do. In government, in politics, the average adult American, everybody wants to blame someone else, usually a group, not an individual, for their crappy life choices.
Yes, it is not my fault I can not hold a job or the fact I cheated on my wife, or that I beat the shit out of my kids, or that I drink, gamble or use drugs, no its always some mysterious "other".
The Free Masons, The Illuminati, Satanists, Atheists, blacks, or whites, or gays or THE JEWS.
Jews must have supernatural magic to fuck up a world of  seven billion people, or gays do, or whites or blacks or homophobes, JUST NOT ME.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Waking Up with Sam Harris #14 — The Virtues of Cold Blood: A Conversatio...

A new poem by Gary G Pelow, Puritan

When it was first established, it did not protect everyone, it left the black man at two thirds, it left women in the shadows of children and with an advancement of none in the politics of the day.
The Natives certainly were not protected, their job was to simply move out of the way or die.
And before it was established no one was protected, The Early Puritans were not protected by the Throne of England, nor were they protected from the elements and nature in the New World.
They came with no promises, nothing guaranteed, not a long life, or life itself.
Children or at least their survival beyond age 1 was not guaranteed or likely.
The U.S. Constitution was not perfect when written, rewritten and finally adopted with Congress including a Bill of Rights. THEE BILL OF RIGHTS.
The rights only applied to white, tax payer, land owner, presumably not gay, men in what became The United States.
The issue of slavery was left to fester like Super Bacteria with no one, or very few, even recognizing slavery as an evil.
The American government, The People of The USA, and The Courts and Congress were constantly adding and shifting, moving side to side, back and forth trying to change it as needed demanded by the present moments now known as history.
There was the fact that festering slavery would explode into the death of 250,000 people and The U.S. Constitution was, by itself, not enough to stop either The Civil War or Slavery, or allowed The USA to continue to exist.
That took guns, lots and lots of guns.
So the blood bath of the mid 1800's had to happen for The U.S. Constitution to be allowed to advance its moral codes into new territory of ending slavery, allowing women to vote and allowing all religion, not just Puritans, to exist, or no religion who's only protection is now ink on paper, not people, not Congress or The President not The Supreme Court.
Just ink on paper, The Rule of Law, not of People. We are to serve that paper, that ink, that truth, and change it when reason demands its alteration.
In this I am a Puritan, I believe, above all else, in THE UNITED CONSTITUTION, AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS over YOU, over you white supremacists and fascists of the far right and cultural Marxists of the left.
If the far left or the far right demand I make a choice, a choice between racism, either black or white or Marxists who use violence in the streets wearing black masks as ANTIFA, demand I make a choice, I will choose every time the Puritanism that the only hope for The USA, and The World, is the continued existence of The U.S. Constitution and more importantly, The Bill of Rights.
I do not vote because Clinton is Clinton, or Reagan was Reagan, I vote because no person, Clinton or Reagan, or anyone else is anything special, but because The U.S. Constitution AND The Bill Of Rights is suppose to rule over people, not under them.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A poem by Gary G Pelow, Clinging and Craving

You fucking people are insane, not just mentally ill or just stupid, you are fucking insane, you are irrational.
Anyone who would consider Myley Cyrus or Lady GaGa as having any talent have their heads shoved so far up their own asses they can lick the feces out of there own colon.
And let us not forget Beiber or Timberlake who have the combined talent of a retarded ferret.
And yet you jackasses spend money on these useless eaters you call talented singers, they are human garbage.
I knew talent, I saw it all through the 1960's, the 1970's and the 1980's.
Janis Joplin had the voice of a singing goddess, she did not need to be a stage whore and prostitute like Myley Cyrus.
And what the fuck is Lady GaGa suppose to be?
She looks like a mental patient high on Heroine and speed and being guided by a complete lack of talent and her inbred stupidity.
Yet, you fucking moron mental midgets pay money to see and listen to this useless, talentless pile of walrus feces.
Music no longer exists, the only thing that exists are robots, automatons, flat figures of two dimension producing a constant string of so called music that is sprayed in all directions like the aim of a skunk and its foul liquid over the audiences and people who do not mind smelling like a fucking skunk after being contaminated with this ongoing , no real music bullshit.
These are certainly not like the great artists, female or male.
The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Gladys Night and The Pips, James Brown, Prince, Pat Benatar, The Heart band and its two sisters.
Where are the Bangles, or 10,000 maniacs or Nirvana? Certainly it is not found in the vile, disgusting putrid animal waste today called music.
I grew up on the pounding pulse and energy of AC/DC, The Scorpions, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, you know, people who actually know how to play instruments, sing and fire up a show.
And Jesus fucking Christ we can not forget the filthy rap artists who degrade black women as bitches and whores.
Snoop dog is a vile, useless, disgusting pig who probably eats his own feces after microwaving it.
I am telling you, you people are insane beyond recovery and I doubt real talent and music will ever return.